Stepford Digital is an Online Venture Builder. Our team has been building online ventures since 2005 and has
created over 30 ventures in Europe, India and Americas, manyof which have been exited successfully.
Since 2012 our team operates under the name of Stepford Digital.

We are headquartered in Sweden, a country on the forefront of Internet and known for its early and widespread IT adoption. The third worldwide highest ranked country in terms of Internet penetration.
Our primary focus is on building proven,
transaction-based business models in the online and mobile space. We are however
not limited by such parameters and seize other attractive opportunities whenever
they arise.

Investors in Stepford Digital and ventures started by Stepford Digital include Nordic Oak Investment,
Votrenius Digital Media Ventures and others.

How Stepford Digital work

Stepford is much more than a venture capital firm or an incubator. We bring together
key elements required to create great online ventures: team, concept, technology, and
capital. We are operationally involved in building our ventures and cover
all critical functions with our network.

Example of our venture teams include: Development, Online Marketing,
Business Intelligence, Operations, HR, and Finance. In addition, we have a
global network of entrepreneurial talents that brings expertise and speed
to all our markets.

The Stepford vision

We are passionate entrepreneurs and focus on performance. We remain humble,
and we understand that success is a result of hard work. We want to learn every day
and share our knowledge with each other. We focus on the details and always try to
solve problems ourselves.

We believe that anything is possible. We move as
fast as we can and take risks. We like to get and give autonomy and responsibility.
We are flexible and tolerant towards uncertainty. And above all: we are
always looking for great people. So come and join us!


Started in 2005

Headquarters in Sweden

Operation on 3 continents

Operational reach: 12+ countries

20+ active independent portfolio ventures

50+ ventures launched worldwide since 2005

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